This Monday, I was a guest at the weekly University of Texas Mises Circle. Originally, this was supposed to be attended by Konrad S. Graf and Patrik Korda, who have opposing views regarding the Mises’ Regression Theorem and Bitcoin. However, Graf couldn’t attend in the end and Korda had connection problems, so instead of being a passive observer as I originally intended, I had to kind of supplement for both of them. I apologise for my subpar performance, I wasn’t expecting to talk so I didn’t do any preparations, I screwed up a couple of times, such as with the “use value” or the confusion about credit vs. claim. But it looks like it’s mostly understandable, so feel free to enjoy. Thanks to all the attendees, the grinning Jeffrey Tucker attending from a flying airplane, and Mattheus von Guttenberg for his contributions to the debate.–EU

PS. I’m writing this blog post from my mobile phone to test how well it works, if you see any problems let me know.

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